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Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purposes of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians. Teleradiology is a growing technology.
Teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to provide services without actually having to be at the location of the patient. This is particularly important when a sub-specialist such as a MRI radiologist, neuroradiologist, pediatric radiologist, or musculoskeletal radiologist is needed, since these professionals are generally only located in large metropolitan areas working during daytime hours. Teleradiology allows for trained specialists to be available .
Teleradiology utilizes standard network technologies such as the internet, telephone lines, wide area network, local area network (LAN) and the latest high tech being computer clouds. Specialized software is used to transmit the images and enable the radiologist to effectively analyze what can be hundreds of images for a given study.
Technologies such as advanced graphics processing, voice recognition, and image compression are often used in teleradiology. Through tele radiology and mobile DICOM viewers, images can be sent to another part of the hospital, or to other locations around the world.

SECOND OPINION OF X-rays, USG, CT, MRI or angiography : -

Why You Need a MRI Second Opinion

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI )exam is among the most powerful diagnostic tools for detecting many types of illnesses. Your doctor ordered an MRI exam because he wanted to make sure you had the best diagnostic care possible, leading to the best treatment, if treatment is needed. An MRI second opinion is an important part of that process. MRI images are captured by machines using enormous magnets and evaluated by radiologists. However, the interpretation of MRI results is not clear cut. The machine provides a view inside the body, but it is up to human eyes and the judgment of the radiologist to analyze what the machine has recorded.

Help Ensure the Accuracy of Your Exam with an MRI Second Opinion

For the best diagnostic results, you need an MRI second opinion. Studies have found that not every radiologist will interpret the same MRI picture in exactly the same way. Your course of treatment depends on the exam results. Patients who want the best healthcare will get extra assurance with an MRI second opinion. In particular, many factors can influence the interpretation of an exam – the radiologist's experience level, workload level, fatigue. Radiologists have different opinions, and unfortunately, even the most seasoned physician can simply make a mistake. An MRI second opinion can ensure the accuracy of your exam interpretation.

An MRI Second Opinion is an Investment in Your Health

Also remember that you have invested time traveling to the MRI site and in the exam process itself-- and also likely made some financial investment. A small investment in an MRI second opinion will help you make the most of your efforts so you can feel assured and confident about the results of your exam. MRI exams focus on different areas of the body and examine a variety of conditions. In the abdomen and pelvic area, an MRI can find problems such as tumors and bleeding in the liver, kidneys, and bladder. Blood vessels may be scanned to check for issues such as blockages, and bones and joints may be examined for tumors or infections.

Whatever Your Condition, an MRI Second Opinion Adds Perspective

An MRI scan of the head can find aneurysms and problems with nerves connected with eyes and ears. A chest MRI exam can find damage to the heart or lungs and may also be used to look for breast or lung cancer. There are as many reasons your doctor may have ordered an MRI exam as there are for getting an MRI second opinion. Whatever the specific reason, typically an MRI exam is ordered to check for a serious condition, and an MRI second opinion will help ensure the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

Different Procedures Call for Different MRI Second Opinion Specialists

Having an MRI diagnosis by a radiology sub-specialist is particularly important. Radiologists may be generalists reading a wide range of exams or specially trained experts who focus on a particular area. has handpicked a team of highly-trained sub-specialists to give you peace of mind about your MRI second opinion. These physicians have the extra training and experience to assess small nuances on your exam and their MRI second opinion may make the important difference in your diagnosis. When you book your MRI second opinion, review the website carefully and select the correct sub-specialist. If you are unsure, contact for assistance.

You Can Play an Active Role in Your Healthcare with an MRI Second Opinion

Most physicians agree that patients should conduct research about their medical symptoms. They feel patients should play an important role in their own healthcare and their MRI second opinion. In particular an MRI second opinion is particularly important for conditions where diagnosis demands a high level of radiology skill and when a mis-diagnosis may result in more invasive treatment or an irreversible treatment that may be unnecessary. Remember, receiving an MRI second opinion doesn't mean you don't trust your doctor. It simply means you are an intelligent, motivated patient ready to play an active role in your own healthcare. Most physicians will respect a patient who asks an MRI second opinion from highly trained fellow radiologist because it can contribute new information to their diagnosis.


  • You have a digital copy of the imaging study but radiological report is not available.
  • You performed an imaging study outside of town ( India or Abrode).
  • You are very anxious and need the Peace of Mind!
  • Discrepancy between clinical and radiological findings.
  • You believe the report is not accurate.
  • Report is poorly worded or contains typographical errors.
  • Report is not detailed enough.
  • You prefer that the case be interpreted by a subspecialist.
  • Report is written in a confusing language or body and impression contradict.
  • Report does not answer or address a clinical question.
  • Report does not make a comparison to prior examinations.
  • To get a different perspective from a different radiologist

To get a general quality check and to make sure you're is getting the most accurate diagnostic evaluation.


The easiest and fastest way is to use our secure upload service. You can also upload the original report as well as any previous imaging reports. You can upload the images from any digital source including CD, DVD, flash drive, computer hard drive or cloud storage.


We provide medical second opinions for as low as Rs…100/ for single exposure X-ray to Rs 1000/- for MRI per report or consultation, can be directly contact to Dr Rajesh Gupta.


We represent a network of Indian /Indian State Medical council of India certified doctors in most medical specialties and subspecialties trained at top Indian institutions. Our radiologists offer expertise in multiple subspecialties including neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, body, emergency radiology, pediatrics, PET/CT & oncologic imaging and cardiac CT angiography.






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